Do you remember when rock ‘n’ roll was dirty, dangerous and fun? When you could see a band that grabbed you by the scruff of your collar, slammed you against a wall, took your breath away and then you ended up sharing pints for the rest of the night? Do you remember when that night led to a lifetime of devotion, to shared experiences that made you feel more alive than you ever had before? Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet your new fix in the form of London’s finest new hard rocking combo, Kontrol Freaks.

In an age of so called ‘talent’ shows, here’s a four piece who grew organically and brought together, seemingly by destiny, to perform some of the most exciting music the capitol has seen in many a year. Guitarist Seb met singer Monty when the two were doing open mike sessions in a Camden pub and the two clicked immediately. It wasn’t long before they started writing together and the strength of the material blew even them away, Sebs kinetic riffs and fluid lines the perfect transport of Monty’s thrilling and gutsy vocals. What became obvious was that they needed to get a band together as the machine to get these fired-up gems out there so the search started for a drummer and bass player.

Heading back to the very pub they met for the weekly live music sessions, they soon caught site of drumming powerhouse Leo and bass alchemist Micky, a man who turned his wire wound strings into pure gold. Once more, the elements just seemed to fit perfectly and they gelled immediately with the sort of magic that rarely happens. With all four working together, the songs grew and kept on coming as the quartet got their heads down, worked hard and brought their four talents into one bubbling melting pot of volcanic heat and power.

It’s rare that you find such equally highly capable musicians that click together in the way that Kontrol Freaks have, but all egos are set aside and the sense of a true ‘gang’ is all pervading. They’re a team, a rock n roll family if you will, determined to bring what they’ve brought to the world and this promise of good times and even better music is one that’s impossible to resist. They’re aware that it’s a long journey and they’ve only just begun but, with a ferocious work ethic mixed with resilience and good humour, the future is just an open road for them to travel. 

Having already gained a growing reputation with three superb singles already released and some truly visceral live shows in the year since they formed, it seems like not even the ‘difficult’ year of 2020 could slow them down. Forming just as a global pandemic shut everything down might have been the anchor that stopped many a fledgling career but not for Kontrol Freaks. This past year has seen them knuckle down, work at refining their unique sound and made them hungrier than ever to just get out there and bring the excitement back into music. 

With a sound shot through with some cherry-picked influences from the best of the last fifty years, the band bring a sound that is both timeless and yet somehow fresh, appealing to the seasoned and the newer music fan. With more releases planned and more shaping of an already compelling live show, it won’t be long before a lot more people hear of the band. Kontrol Freaks aren’t stopping for anyone so the choice is to join one of the best parties you’ve ever been to and enjoy music that really thrills you or just get out of way.  Bring the rock ‘n’ roll fire!